Malmo Elementary School

       Welcome to Malmo Site! We are a three room day care and out of school care providing childcare for children attending both Malmo School and Greenfield School. Our educators strongly believe in taking our curriculum where it goes with the children. Our practice is to build a path alongside the children, rather than paving it for them. At Malmo, we have a diverse team of educators coming from many different teaching and learning experiences.

“Observe and listen to children because when they as “why?” they are not simply asking for the answer from you. They are requesting the courage to find a collection of possible answers.”

- Carlina Rinaldi

Here at Malmo Site we:

♥ Smile, dance, and sing a lot!

♥ Care deeply for one another

♥ Bake and Cook in our full size kitchen

♥ Celebrate diversity, especially of our families

♥ Learn from each other

♥ Have a wonderful sense of community

♥ Love having family celebrations

☼ Some Summer Support ☼

                Summer is definitely a welcomed time; we get to enjoy longer days, plenty activities around the city, and especially warmer weather! Although summer is obviously awesome, it can also have some subtle struggles. The adjustment between school and summer routines may be challenging for children.

                To help ease this transition, we would like to share a resource provided by Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition. The following information can help to ease some sizzling emotions the hot summer days may bring.

Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition: Summer Support


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