St. Stanislaus Elementary School

       At St. Stanislaus we are a two room day care and out of school care program. and we are inspired by the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Loris Mallaguzzi. Currently we provide service for children attending both St. Stanislaus as well as St. Boniface School. Our program welcomes children aging from preschool to grade 6. We proudly have a diverse team of educators coming from many different teaching and learning experiences. Our programming is inspired by the children, and is enhanced by the Alberta Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care. 

“The art of research already exists in the hands of children acutely sensitive to the pleasure of surprise. The wonder of learning, of knowing, of understanding is one of the first, fundamental sensations each human being expects from experiences faced alone or with others.”

- Loris Mallaguzzi

Here at St. Stanislaus we...

♥ Get messy!

♥ Colour outside the lines

♥ Enjoy a good pun

♥ Go where the children take us

♥ Engage in the co-inquiry process

♥ Love to visit the Greenfield Spay Park

♥ Also love to visit our friends at Greenfield Shepherds Care


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