Welcome to Greenfield School Age Day Care Association.

GSADCA is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, who also have children in our care. The Board of Directors entrusts’ the Executive Director, Directors and educators to manage the day to day operations of child care. We all attend our work motivated to provide the children and families in our care with quality, innovative, safe and most of all fun child care.


Our Association was incorporated July of 1983 under the Societies Act. Our formal name is Greenfield School Age Day Care Association, our short name is GSADCA. Our Association is both a not for profit association and a charity.

Our Association is accredited and provides care from the following locations: Holy Spirit, Jan Reimer, Lendrum, Malmo, Shauna May Seneca, St. Stanislaus, Svend Hansen. Each location provides care to children ages 3-12 years of age with our Holy Spirit location providing care from the age of 2 years old.

Our Association is partners with Getting Ready for Inclusion Today (GRIT) following the Assess, Support and Participation (ASaP) model. Employees are educated in supporting children in our care with social emotional development and using the TPOT (training pyramid observation tool) to help children cope with emotions and ensure best practices by educators.


“to provide a safe environment where children experience exceptional childcare and build self-esteem and positive relationships through fun and rewarding recreational activities and skill building opportunities. In collaboration with parents, school and communities, we advocate for childcare that continues to meet the diverse needs of our families.”

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Contact me should you have any questions.

Irene Wood

Executive Director


780 435 4532


Learn about ASaP, as soon as possible!:

ASaP stands for “Access, Supports and Participation”, and it’s played a pretty significant role in our programming for quite some time. Maybe you’ve heard the preschool/ kinder staff mention it! Well, now our staff aren’t the only ones talking about it!

Take a look at what Global News had to say about the importance of this program by clicking HERE!

Or, you can visit the GRIT website, by clicking HERE, to learn more about the program itself!

          The Greenfield School Age Day Care Association (GSADCA) is a non profit, accredited, charitable child care centre.  Providing care before school, after school and full day child care programs currently available at seven locations.

•  Malmo Elementary School (Providing care for children ages 3-12 years)

•  St. Stanislaus Elementary School (Providing care for children ages 3-12 years)

•  Lendrum Elementary School (Providing care for School Aged Children beginning July 2017)

•  Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (Providing care for children age 2 → Kinder

•  Jan Reimer &  Shauna May Seneca(Providing care for children age Kinder – Grade 6 

•  Svend Hansen (Providing care for children age Kinder – Grade 6

•  Shauna May Seneca (Providing care for children age Kinder – Grade 6

Benefits of our Program:

○  Monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on events

○  Nutritious (and allergen aware) morning and afternoon snacks

○  School age care provided during non school days (Spring Break/ Teacher’s Convention)

○  Special events and field trips- including family events

○  Wide range of physical activities offered to promote health development

○  Large focus on the Social/Emotional Development of children

          The GSADCA is governed by a volunteer parent board and run by a full time Executive Director and Directors at each location.  The GSADCA staff is committed to providing exceptional programming and care for children throughout their elementary years.